Detox Programme

A programme designed for you by our expert nutritionist


A detox programme uniquely created for your body

Our nutritionist, Mireia Cervera, will create a personalised programme just for you and help you every step of the way.

The programme combines holistic treatments and the latest technology in order to purify the body from the inside out. It is further enhanced with personal training sessions and mindfulness activities to balance the mind. In the Detox plan, Photobiomodulation is the star. Thanks to the infrared and system of continuous wave and pulsed wave LEDs, Photobiomodulation stimulates the production of ATP energy and helps the body eliminate toxins through the lymph system.

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The treatments and its benefits

Our state-of-the-art technology treatments are renowned for their science-backed approach to wellness. Included in our Detox programme is the Photobiomodulation, designed to help the body eliminate toxins through the lymph system. Also included is the popular Cryotherapy treatment, which helps banish toxins and activate collagen in the skin. Finally, our Hammam treatment purifies the skin with an exfoliating scrub and mud wrap.

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Detox nutrition

From time to time, it is good to go on a detox diet to help eliminate the toxins that accumulate in our bodies. Some of these toxins are generated by our own bodies while fighting infections, renewing cells and as a result of stress, among other things. However, we also absorb toxins from our environment, by breathing polluted air, taking medicines, drinking alcohol, smoking, from pesticides in vegetables, processed foods.

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The Menu

Our chef, working with our nutritionist, has created a menu designed to help our bodies (particularly our liver and kidneys) eliminate this build-up of toxins while following a balanced, healthy and delicious diet. This menu boosts the liver’s and kidneys’ detoxifying activity, making them function more efficiently and, therefore, making it easier to lose weight in a healthy way while feeling better and better.

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The food

Our programme is packed full of nutrient-rich food, many of which is locally sourced in our region, known for its culinary delights. Think leafy greens from rocket to spinach paired with detoxifying spices such as turmeric, ginger, coriander and parsley. Enjoy fresh fruits from juicy raspberries to freshly picked papayas. Your diet will be brimming with goodness.

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2-day Detox program

PRICE FROM: €758 per person

The program includes per person:

  • Purifying hammam experience
  • Four high-tech treatments: 2 cryotherapy, 2 Photobiomodulation
  • 60-minute Revive massage
  • A private training session
  • Access to all areas of the Wellness Centre including the Thermal Pavilion water area
  • Special Detox Wellness Menu – Lunch and dinner
  • Overnight stay



The program includes per person:

  • 2 consultations with Mireia Cervera (nutritionist)
  • 1 personal training and 1 personalized one-on-one Yoga class
  • 1 Purifying Hammam massage
  • 6 Treatments to choose: cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen machine, Photobiomodulation
  • 1 Revive 90-minute massage
  • 1 Detoxifying Facial treatment
  • Access to Thermal Pavilion water area and relaxation area
  • Free access to the GYM 24 hours
  • 2 Special Detox Wellness Menu - Lunch and dinner
  • 2 nights at Hotel Camiral 5*



The program includes per person:

  • 2 consultations with our nutritionist Mireia Cervera
  • 2 personal training sessions and 1 personalized one-on-one Yoga class
  • 1 Purifying Hammam massage
  • 8 Treatments to choose from among the following technologies: cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen machine, Photo Bio Modulator
  • 1 Revive 90-minute massages
  • 1 Revive 60-minute massages
  • 1 Oxygenating or Detoxifying Facial treatment
  • Access to Thermal Pavilion water area and relaxation area
  • Free access to the GYM 24 hours
  • 3 Special Detox Wellness Menu - Lunch and dinner
  • 3 nights at Hotel Camiral 5




The programme includes per person:

  • A Purifying hammam experience
  • 2 technologies: cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen machine or PhotoBioModulation
  • A private training session
  • Access to all areas of the Wellness Centre including the Thermal Pavilion water area
  • Wellness Detox Lunch
Mireia Cervera

With a master's degree in nutrition, food & health and a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Mireia Cervera has been advising brands such as Flax and Kale for over 8 years. Cervera helped Flax and Kale with the development of their line of juices, ready meals, healthy snacks and vegan burgers among others and has a wealth of experience in the industry. Cervera has also helped with the creation of the menus for the Teresa Carles group restaurants and organized seminars and training on healthy eating.

As a PGA Catalunya collaborator, she has worked together with executive chef David Vives to create each of the Wellness Centre’s nutritional programs, combining Vives vision with her extensive knowledge about holistic nutrition, to help our guests and visitors to enjoy unique programs whilst being introduced to a healthier lifestyle.

When should you try our weigth loss & detox programme?

Try this when your body is feeling a little sluggish

We recommend this programme for every change of season, after hormonal treatment, long periods of stress or simply when the body feels heavy, sluggish and in need of a physical and mental release.

In each season of the year our body, like nature, changes according to the cycle in which we move. Our body does not feel the same in winter as it does in summer, our sleep cycle, our character and even our diet is totally different.

In winter our body needs more calories to withstand the change in temperature, we retain more fluids and our sleep is longer as our body feels more tired causing asthenia.

In March the season changes and we must cleanse our body of toxins accumulated during the winter and prepare it for a new season, spring.


Nutrition and exercise are the main components of weight and, as such, they are the way to approach any weight loss and detoxification journey. An approach that must be sustainable and stay away from any restriction and calorie obsession. We are looking to nurture our bodies with healthy food and relieve tension, not to continue stressing them with patterns that are detrimental to our process.

Our detox programmes focus on a wellbeing diet and mindfulness activities, as well as technology-led treatments, for the best results for you and your body. You can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 days of program, all of them including a Wellness Detox Lunch, private sessions with trainers and purifying experiences, as well as access to all the areas of the Wellness Centre. We guarantee a complete personalized program according to all your needs.


We believe that holistic techniques are the best for approaching weight loss and detoxification. Our detox program includes the Hammam experience, a cleansing Moroccan treatment that combines essential oils, salt and mud in a full-body exfoliation and massage to purify the body.

The programme also includes cryotherapy, a refreshing treatment that resets the body at a temperature of -110°C, or the mind-stimulation oxygen chamber therapy, as well as the Photo Bio Modulation, a form of light therapy to deal with pain and inflammation. You can choose the 3 or 4-day options for an exclusive and luxurious stay at the 5 star Hotel Camiral at PGA Catalunya Resort, and enjoy the best of your detox holidays.


At our Wellness Centre you will find the best natural methods for a detox treatment in an idyllic Mediterranean setting. Located only 1 hour away from Barcelona and 30 minutes from the beautiful sights of the Costa Brava, our retreat offers the perfect recipe for comfort and peace, with all the benefits for both your mind and body.

Take this chance to disconnect from daily stress, turn off your phone and enjoy a few days of detox and relaxation at Camiral Golf & Wellness.

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